Pornography addiction in India


Pornography addiction in India Pornography addiction is now one of the biggest problems in India. Pornography originated in the West, but now the industry is booming in the Indian market. In some countries, watching pornographic videos is legal, while in others it is a criminal offense. Pornography is partially legal in India. Most of the youngsters of the present generation watch porn videos at least once in their life. The problem is the addiction to pornography among the youth of India. This is the reason why some of the negative thoughts about sex were created as a result.

The demand for pornography is so high that Pornhub released its premium version for free on lockdown. India accounts for almost 18% of the world’s population. India is a great place to do business for any kind of entertainment industry. The world of pornography continues to dominate the Indian market. In particular, they are attracting Indians through the medium of native Indian video/film.

Statistics related to pornography in India:

In India, porn videos account for 35% to 40% of everything downloaded from the internet every day. India has shut down a total of 3500 porn websites. Kislay Chaudhary, director of the ICA Indian Cyber ​​Army, said 1,16,000 queries were posted on the internet every day about child pornography alone. About 7.8 crore people search for porn videos every day in this country.

Steps by Government to ban pornography in India:

One of the easiest ways for a telecom company to earn money is through pornography. Even today, most of the things that people download from the internet every day are porn videos. However, many telecom operators have now shut down pornography websites on their networks. Although in the era of vpn all these steps can be considered insignificant. Every porn website has a mirror website by which they continue to dominate the Indian market. Although this step of the telecom sector is not far-reaching, it is a good attempt.

Sex education through pornography:

Everything has its pros and cons. Many will be surprised to hear that porn videos were once used for sex education. In the late 1990s, when many people had different misconceptions about sex, videos were used to raise awareness. Although now we can see the complete opposite.

Pornography category (BDSM vs Sensual)

There are many types of porn videos such as sensual, BDSM, etc. Sensual porn shows the romantic sex between a man and a woman. BDSM, on the other hand, shows a mechanical structure of sexuality. This part of pornography shows bondage during sex, not only that in this category people can get happiness through physical abuse also. BDSM is completely dependent on the partner’s desire and mutual consent. Suppose a man wants to do BDSM and his partner is not comfortable in BDSM. So in that case, BDSM is nothing but physical abuse to that woman.

Social values and health issues behind pornography:

Also, family relationships are not given importance in porn videos. Such videos with tags mother-son, father-daughter, brother-sister in pornography give rise to a perverted thought in our society. BDSM in many cases promotes rape culture. Pornography reveals some perverted tastes that actually influence physical abuse. There are also group sex, threesomes that are not social at all. Many people use pornography to masturbate. This habit is harmful to health.

MMS and pornography-related crime in India:

In addition, some unscrupulous individuals make porn videos using hidden cameras to make money on pornography websites. The number of such secret MMS’s in India has increased tremendously in the last few years. In the current era, if something goes viral on social media, it is almost impossible to remove it completely from social media. Many people have chosen the path of suicide as a result of viral videos of their private moments. Some women are now taking inspiration from pornography to do the job of sex workers, call girls, etc. as an easy way of livelihood. Smugglers are using heinous crimes like women trafficking to make money through porn videos.