The Best Life Insurance Agent In The World

Do you have life insurance? Those are the five worst words that any life. Insurance agent can say, to their client but unfortunately. We say, it far too often with very little effect the thing is your clients see that you’re trying to sell them a policy as opposed to focusing on their concerns.

So what! we’re gonna is get you away from saying do you have life insurance and focus more on. How you can empower your clients to make a better decision by focusing more on their needs and how? life insurance can help be a solution to those needs we’re gonna do that in a called the three steps to positioning life insurance .

Hello and welcome my name is Tristan and I’m with Tristan and today. What we’re going to do is go over the three steps to positioning life ?Insurance we’re gonna get you away from saying do you have life insurance and focus more on their concerns and the solutions you can provide for those concerns . We’re gonna do that in this video first what we’re going to do is address the landscape of what your clients are facing we’re gonna talk about what matters most to them on a financial level after we do that we’ll talk about you you as an agent.

what problems are you going to see and you need to find solutions for and thirdly what we’re going to do is give you the three steps to position life insurance in a much much more effective way so let’s jump right in let’s first talk about. What matters most in a study that was done talking about the largest financial concerns of clients they came to the conclusion that one clients are focused on. How are they going to fund their retirement properly .

Secondly how are they going to ensure that they pay their bills on time this is, why life insurance is not something? that your client comes in to the door to talk to you about they’re more focused. How their folks are wanting to take care of their retirement or they’re more focused on how they’re going to pay their bills on time. These are the two largest financial concerns well where do you think life insurance actually was in the priority ranking out of the top 10 at ranked number seven.

What that means is less than four out of every 10 Americans are actually concerned about life insurance this is why? You don’t have people coming in to talk to you about life insurance this is not a main priority of your clients and really another step to this is saying that as household come increases the worry for life insurance starts to decrease people start to believe that they now are self-funded as they make more money.

Your clients are more focused on retirement funding and paying their bills on time and as you can see they really don’t care much about life insurance you need to figure out how you can use life insurance to take care of those two financial concerns so.

What are the two problems that you are more than likely going to face it’s going over those two largest financial concerns the first one is your clients are going to be more focused on retirement.