It’s Like Being LA’s Top Real Estate Agent

Aaron Carmen has learned, how to close a deal. He has sold more than six billion dollars Real estate. when building a career? He was the first real estate agent. He even sold one in Los Angeles See 65 million in assets.

It takes to be a top realtor I spent a day with the cities Meeting and looking for the wrong clients List some of the richest LA Pocket. I’m in Aaron’s first place Here’s what you need to know about Aaron. When he is unnecessarily selfish Aaron doesn’t come into his morning routine Start the day until he starts In his hand he meditated for five A few minutes of his outdoor pool and then Gives him a quick dive . When choosing Decorating for the day he went for comfort Over style is my competition Nine At 9:45 he still doesn’t have a morning routine Perfectly we happily hop in his Bentley and head Go to the gym.

Wherever he can A 20-minute workout with one of his two Personal trainers officially give us. Our first one starts at 11am Aaron is calling even after reunion Calls from home and car all morning Hello we met with a property developer. Aaron wants to sell one to sell Fifteen million dollars he and his The brothers made a few more of them Walkthroughs s before he decides Property is our next two meetings With clients whose homes are almost nearby Ready to put on the market to be one About 20 20 million listed and.

The other is about 33 million for Aaron Both to evaluate a verification. I don’t like the love of staging and feedback offers Table. I hate the chandelier. I got It’s all disgusting An important part of his work is helping Pick a fair price for the seller. The property Aaron could offer but At the end of the day it’s the seller. It will be decided in the special house Listed below just 20 20 million Which Aaron approves So, is the price of a seller. It sits in the higher market and we then You need to go to them and ask a question. We are not declining in today’s market.

. We want to sell that house What is it worth and get in its way, The Hello offer came in at over a million. We were more than the way we were at the meeting. That car serves as Aaron’s second. My work time in my car in the office. It is always on the phone Only we can really catch up. We call running back But Aaron doesn’t come running all day You put some pressure but I need to make up I need some calls because we’re late.

Where the last two meetings are on Bell Air Big money is LA Aaron’s biggest asset Sales come here we only spend 20 First Bell Air property minutes. It is still under construction and The seller has a lot of work but Infinity pool in bad shape Aaron’s last day appointment. He is one with the potential buyer 65 million interested millionaires Dollar Mansion met Aaron Right now. I can see it’s a millionaire All right I felt bad for leaving you in the car This long fine.

I drive Bentley This is a 28 thousand square foot nine bed 17 bath masterpiece with a wraparound It also reflects pool and home movies. There is also a hair salon and Valence Spa Part of a conversation with very rich people. His day is something rich The client may be his most successful Sometimes billionaires are funny enough. See more meaning than others like them Every dollar walk we return His office at Beverly Hills at 4:30 p.m. Eat a late lunch move for a meeting And check in with his team of helpers.

I can’t live his whole life Day in and day out if, I don’t Someone email me my calendar My ad marketing is my technology Aaron’s house around seven in the morning. His idea was made earlier than expected Go to a listing party but get it Canceled due to fire There are no real days in the region We have a schedule when we think about property. It only changes the stage 24/7 People need you when they need you. They want you when you need them, You and they want to see what they want Being able to see a big misconception Real estate agents make a ton of money.

It is a super competitive industry and Most agents earn less than $ 50,000 Create a top builder in one year 200 and 500 thousand a year and then you. One that is absolutely at the top Choose something that earns more than a few million And then there is a layer which Big mega broker and it is not. There are many in the world but few I consider myself lucky Those.